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The Lady of the Forest

Recently at work, I enrolled in a sculpture class. The first project was a small bust no more than 5" or so. I enjoyed it so much that when it came time for a full figure piece, I just continued the project. When it was finished, I put her to light and touched her up in photoshop. This lady of the Forest has been a wonderful escape from the digital world for which I have found myself of late. I have now started a small wax sculpture of my two boys as monsters that I plan to have bronzed when completed.
Michelangelo once told the Pope that he was not a painter, but a sculptor. I can see why. Sculpting, even in my humble attempts is the closest one can come to God's fashioning mankind from the dust of the earth.

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Little Leaps of Faith (screenshot)

Little Leaps of Faith  (screenshot)
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Goode VS Evil

Goode VS Evil
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