Since my website at www.scottcooknco.com has gone live, I will be posting to this blog less often. Please connect with my new website or my professional portfolio with 310 Artists Agency at www.310artists.com.



At long last ………

Yes folks it’s official, I have finished designing and have launched my personal and professional website!  www.scottcooknco.com is an eclectic collection of all things me.  This site has everything from sketchbook art, to demo reels. There is a gallery that offers art, and books for sale, as well as links to the various projects I’m involved with. 

If you have found yourself here, take a couple of minutes and look at the new scottcooknco!

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Little Leaps of Faith (screenshot)

Little Leaps of Faith  (screenshot)
Scott Cook ©

Goode VS Evil

Goode VS Evil
"TRIBULATION" (book 1 of 7) Scott Cook ©