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Happy New Year!

While we say goodbye to all the triumphs and traumas of the year past and we look ahead to what 2012 has in store for us, I can only say that I’m excited!

Over the past year or so I have worked on many projects with RPA (Rubin Postaer and Associates), specifically on their Farmers Insurance Account.  I have been responsible for the chalkboard art on their television and magazine ads, as well as several web and in house pieces such as the soon to be released Farmers University Coloring Book! 
"Professor Burke" (aka) J.K. Simmons, and myself on the set for Farmers Insurance

Several months ago I was approached by Deb Grisham on behalf of the Creative Director for the Farmers Insurance account Laura Hausman, for whom I love to work.  Apparently they had hit a roadblock with the design for the Farmers Insurance 2012 Rose Parade float.  I was asked if I would jot down some ideas (as a favor) that would illustrate a Rube Golberg Machine style of design, having to do with insurance issues.  Flattered they would ask, I gladly obliged - that is after I called my agent for her blessing.  That evening I took a half an hour or so to sketch out some ideas.  The next day I presented them to Laura. I was greeted with a warm hug and lots of smiles.  She was very happy with the direction I had taken with the concept.  I told her I would add some color to give the shapes some clarity, and get the sketch to her ASAP.  I delivered the files to her via email and cc’d my agent.  Mary (my agent) looked at the images and kept them on her computer's desktop to follow up.  I figured that was the end of the whole thing.  I figured the float design company would take my scribblings and use them as a point of departure for their own designs.

Some time passed…..
New Years morning I was online looking at rose parade schedules for my family, and I come across pictures of the Farmers float.  I was floored! The design was MINE!  Of course there were some modifications and minor additions, but they just flushed out the design I scribbled out 4 months ago! Right down to the color of the car and the empty hook on the mobile!

What a wonderful way to start the New Year!  In addition to that, the float won the trophy for Best use of Animation! How appropriate!

Below you can see some of the images from my original concept, the float design companies’ rendition, and some pictures of the float from start to finish.

Congratulations to Farmers Insurance, and RPA for their win, and a big thank you for letting me have a part in such a fun project!

This year's Rose Parade® theme is "Just Imagine," and for the 53rd consecutive year Farmers will be a proud participant on January 2nd.  Our float- “The Unimaginable" - is a floral representation of the little disasters that can happen every day.  Farmers is the Official Insurance Sponsor and the Official Supporter of Rose Parade Bands for the Tournament of Rose Parade®.
 “The Unimaginable” showcases a playful rendering of daily disasters.  A piano hovers precariously above a dream home, while a tornado licks the roofline and a windstorm brews.  These daily disasters loom like a dark storm cloud.  If there’s one thing Farmers Insurance has learned in our more than 80 years of service, it’s that disaster strikes often when you least expect it.  With the help of industry-leading training represented by the University of Farmers sign at the front, your Farmers agent can help you be prepared for these disasters. 

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