Since my website at www.scottcooknco.com has gone live, I will be posting to this blog less often. Please connect with my new website or my professional portfolio with 310 Artists Agency at www.310artists.com.


Did You Do That?

I am always asked that question when we have guests. Usually the answer is yes. From dressers and furniture to simple things that enrich our lives here at the Cookhouse; necessity is truly the mother of invention. Sometimes the things we need are staring us in the face just waiting to be discovered with a little bit of creativity.
This is the basis for my new project that was just launched at www.youdidthat.blogspot.com! So much of my life is taken up with the functional things around the house I must do, that take me away from drawing. This doesn't mean however that those things can't salve that creative need that all artists have; that is both a blessing and a curse. From serious woodworking projects to rummaging through the trash to find stuff to make cool things, this site promises to have something for everyone. I invite you to check it out and leave any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have.

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Little Leaps of Faith (screenshot)

Little Leaps of Faith  (screenshot)
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Goode VS Evil

Goode VS Evil
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